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Estate Planning





     Lifetime gifts;

     Property transfers effective at death;

     Pros and Cons of using a living trust;

     Evaluation of types of trusts applicable to your situation;

     Review and analysis of your existing estate planning documents;

     Pros and cons of joint tenancy and other forms of co-ownership;

     How to receive life insurance and retirement benefits with a minimum of taxes and administrative expense;

     Property rights on marriage or remarriage;

Drafting of documents tailored to your specific goals and needs:

     Living trust to avoid probate and conservatorship;

     Trusts to reduce or defer estate taxes;

     Simple Will, trust Will, Medical Directives;

     Marital Property Agreements;

     Durable Power of Attorney - Asset Management;

     Nomination of Conservator of Person and Estate;

     Advance Medical Directive (formerly Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care);

Definitions of key terms:

     Probate:  Court supervised administration of a decedent's estate.

     Conservatorship of Estate:  Court supervised administration of assets of an incapacitated adult.

     Conservatorship of Person:  Court supervised management of personal and health care of an incapacitated adult.


Last modified: 11/24/08